Star Kolb

StarEggAs a Montana raised lady, Star Kolb was instantly captivated by Moab and the red rocks upon her arrival in the late nineties.  She found herself discovering a whole new landscape, outside and in!  Star was introduced to meditation and mantra by dear friends in this dynamic community.  That was the beginning of her formal exploration of the mind and body.

 Star felt a pull to travel farther and while living in Venice Beach, CA she began studying hatha yoga with Peter Sterios, Gravity and Grace.  It was Peter who told her she would teach yoga.  Hearing those words and knowing the profound impact yoga had on her life and body – Star is fused nearly the entire length of her spine with steel rods due to scoliosis – she traveled overseas to study with Agama Yoga.  Upon returning to the states, Star received more certification with Ananda Yoga-Expanding Light Center.

Star emphasizes the breath, drawing the senses inward, and bringing the focus to a single point.  She deeply enjoys teaching, being a chef, jeweler, and lover in this slice of southwestern heaven!