New to Yoga

New to Yoga

What do you need to know to get started?

The hardest part is showing up to the studio to practice. You can do it! Here’s a map.

We have mats and other props available to use so just show up in clothes that are easy to move in.

Typically we practice yoga without socks but feel free to wear your socks if it makes you feel more comfortable when you’re getting started.

Most classes start with a few minutes of centering. During centering you’ll sit in a comfortable manner, often cross legged, and close your eyes. This time is for you. It allows you to connect to yourself and your breath and sets the tone for your practice.

The practice is yours. You don’t have to do any poses you don’t want to do or that don’t feel good. Teachers can suggest modifications for injuries and limitations.

Start where you are.  No one is judging you.  Try not to judge yourself.  This will take some time.  The most important thing you can do is breathe.