Intro to Yoga
Mondays @ 10am beginning April 3rd

Intro to Yoga-The 8 Limbs

A Gentle Yoga Series

Join Star Kolb at Moab Yoga for a gentle practice.  This series will introduce classic poses, restorative poses, and one or several “limbs” per class.  Yoga limbs address all facets of our lives, our mind, our ethics, our body, and so much more.  The most common limb of yoga is the asana(body posture), come and learn about the other seven!  Whether you are brand new to yoga, curious about the limbs, or the time works well for you, we look forward to seeing you at the studio.

Questions or concerns about yoga or this class.  Contact Star Kolb 406-291-6408.  Star is pleased to answer, encourage, and support you in your practice.

$70 for 8 class series
Drop-ins also welcome at regular rates.