Inner Exploration Weekend Workshop with Faith Lipori
November 16-18

ParaYoga Weekend Workshops
with Faith Lipori
Friday November 16, 5-7pm
Saturday November 17, 3-6pm
Sunday November 18, 1-4pm
Join Faith Lipori, ParaYoga Level II Certified Teacher in practices that open
the door to these wonders. Through asana, pranayama, meditation and use
of mantra, we will explore our inner gifts – our strength, great capacity for
love and courage, and ability to access the deep stillness that lies within
which heals and expands us and allows us to be the best version of ourselves.
Friday $35
Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra
Unwind and soothe your nervous system in this all-levels practice.
Saturday $40
Connecting to the
Light of the Heart
We are all brilliant beings with great capacity for love, expansion, compassion and
courage. This brilliance lives as a bright light within our heart. In this practice, we
will use chanting, asana, pranayama and meditation to connect to this intrinsic
Sunday $40
Calm and Content:
A practice to
increase inner stability
Sattva guna is the quality of balance, clarity, light, and love and is the force that
allows us to evolve. In this practice, we will use asana, breath and meditation to
move to explore sattva.
We will end with a meditation to send healing to the Earth and all beings.
$100 for entire weekend

The yogis say that the greatest gifts of all are to be found in our inner universe.

Faith has been teaching yoga and meditation for almost two decades.
With wisdom, enthusiasm, humor and intuition, she combines asana
(physical postures), pranayama (shaping and moving from the breath),
meditation, and work with Prana, (energy), into practices that guide
students to deeper inner knowledge, contentment and the ability to live
life from a place of courage and compassion. Intensely practical, her
classes and workshops allow each student to come home to the best of
herself, and to move through life off the mat informed by that
connection and awareness. Faith has studied extensively with Rod
Stryker, assists him at workshops and trainings, and is a ParaYoga ®
Level II Certified teacher and a member of the ParaYoga certification
committee. She is an experienced 500 hour registered yoga teacher
through Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500), and has studied Restorative Yoga