Class Schedule

Moab Yoga Class Schedule

Schedule effective as of October 6, 2017

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8:15-9:30AM  All Levels Vinyasa with Jill
10:00-11:30AM    Gentle Yoga with Star 
Noon-1PM          Power Yoga with Arne
5:30-6:45PM       Yoga Basics with Lily 

7:15-8:30PM    Yin/Restorative with Alex


9:00-10:30AM    Gentle Yoga with Star 
12:00-1:00PM    Hatha Yoga with Lily

5:30-7:00PM      Yoga with Porscha


9:00-10:15AM  All Levels Yoga with Meagan

NOON-1:00PM Strong Vinyasa with Michelle

4:00-5:00PM  Exploratory Tai Chi with Drew
5:30-6:45PM    All Levels Yoga with Kristi

7:15-8:30PM  Restorative Yoga for Healing with Jill


9:00-10:30AM  Yoga with Porscha
12:00-1:00PM  Lunch Flow with Chelsea
5:30-6:45PM All Levels Yoga with Chelsey 


10-11AM  All Levels Pilates with Jenny 
3:30-4:45PM  All Levels Yoga with Dylan

5:30-6:45PM All Levels Yoga with Dylan


8:30-9:45AM       All Levels Yoga with Arne

10:15-11:30AM  Vinyasa Flow with Jill




9:00-10:15AM    All Levels Yoga with Kristi