Arne Hultquist

Arne rekindled his yogic spirit over 20 years ago and since then has been an avid practitioner.  The medicinal qualities of yoga’s physical practice nurtured his body through years of athletic endeavors.

Following numerous years of physical practice the spiritual side of yoga continually advanced into his practice and life.  Slowly but intentionally his interest in understanding what was behind the spiritual change taking place encouraged him to engage an ashram in India for his 200 RYT training.  Inspired by the numerous teachers he has been fortunate to study and practice with, Arne hopes he can pass along similar gifts that so many have imparted to him.

One of Arne’s favorite pursuits is wandering and exploring desert landscapes without a predetermined destination.  Similarly, he explores his yoga practice as an exploration into the body, building on the knowledge obtained through past practices. The destination is not the pose, but the journey to the shape we obtained today.

The work ethic inherited from his father emerges as physical challenges in his classes. He finds an uncommon steadiness in arm and moving standing balances that focus intention and mind on what is here and now.  “Today is the only day we have and right now is the only time we can do anything with it.”