Adam Ballenger Weekend Workshop
December 6th-8th

Asana, Awareness & Body Science with Adam Ballenger

The Beauty of Mindfulness and the Art of Functional Movementadam ballenger

Art, Science Asana & the HIPS
Friday 5-7pm

Rotate & Reach with Spinal work that passes thru the ARMS & SHOULDERS
Saturday 9-11am


Movement Lab of Anatomy & Kinesiology

Saturday 3-5pm


Highly Functional FUN! A challenging session integrating the weekend that will leave you flexible and open.
Sunday 9-11am

Adam Ballenger  has been studying and practicing yoga since the early 1990s and has taken many deep dives and left-hand turns in his study and Practice.  In his first years Adam dove deeply in both anatomy and biomechanical studies as well as philosophy and meditation studies/practice hoping to deepen his inner and outer Practice.  During his thirties, Adam shifted from an intense drive to go deeper into the self, to a much more open journey towards mindfulness, build ing and supporting community.  Now, edging closer and closer to his fifties, Adam’s focus has shifted again, this time towards longevity in the body, and applying the same philosophies he’s been studying for years to this age and set of more mature life situations.  

   As well as diving into non-Tantric areas of philosophy, psychology, belief, and tradition, Adam has spent a good portion of his 40’s re-entering school and working on an MS in Kinesiology with a specialty in Aging and Orthopedics.  There is an ocean of potential out there, and in here, as well, there can be content and delight in the constant flow of study and Practice, celebrating what is and what can be.  

Register for the entire workshop by November 22nd for $145.

To Register

by mail: 37E Center St, Moab, UT 84532

by phone: 435.259.2455